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Incredible Black-Owned Arts Organizations to Support in 2024
~Nadya Corscadden
Black Companies to Support
There are so many incredible Black-owned arts organizations in Canada. Here are just a few of the best!
Montreal, Quebec
Produces shows, workshops and school tours, and also runs an Artist Mentorship Program and Celebratory Gala.
Toronto, Ontario
Produces plays and provides training programs for up-and-coming playwrights and other theatre professionals.
Toronto, Ontario
Produces theatre, film and music.
Toronto, Ontario
A multidisciplinary artistic hub that provides opportunities for training and showcasing work.
Surrey, BC
A community space that supports and facilitates training opportunities and presentations for artists in many genres.
Toronto, Ontario
Produces new works and provides training opportunities to nurture both emerging and highly celebrated talent.
Halifax, NS
Theatre and storytelling performance company.
Provides programming, job opportunities and other resources for musicians.
Toronto, On
Fosters opportunities for artists of all kinds to showcase and develop their craft.
Toronto, ON
Provides support for emerging black artists through education, mentorship and networking opportunities.
Toronto, ON
Promotes creatives such as actors, filmmakers and other artists.
Toronto, ON
Supports traditional and contemporary dance artists through performances and training opportunities.
Toronto, ON
Cultivates opportunities for dancers through presentations, education, mentorship and other opportunities.


Details the history of Black theatre companies in Canada.
An exhibition highlighting the lesser-known dance history in Canada.

About the Author ~ Nadya Corscadden

Nadya is a Canadian musical theatre performer with small-town roots. Once she moved to a bigger city, she became increasingly aware of the unique limitations brought on by location in this huge country - if you don’t have a knowledgeable network, it’s almost impossible to find the right place to start!
Nadya hopes this site is just step 1 in helping create resources for emerging artists across our incredibly talented country.
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