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Welcome to Act. Sing. Dance. Repeat.
~Nadya Corscadden

Welcome to Act. Sing. Dance. Repeat. - A resource for Canadian Performers!

The vision for this site started as a database of Canadian training institutions. Whether you want to become an actor, singer or dancer, finding the right post-secondary program can be challenging. This challenge is significantly more complicated if you don’t have a mentor to help point out some options. It’s not as simple as looking at a list of colleges and seeing which places have a program you’re interested in!
Nadya created version 1 - IWantToBeAPerformer - and was only partially satisfied with the result. While many programs were listed, students couldn’t filter the results exactly how they wanted. It was also built improperly from a tech standpoint and was challenging to maintain.
….then she became a web developer and learned to make the site properly…
…and probably bit off SLIGHTLY more than she could chew, because she’s still basically making it all up as she goes along…
At Act. Sing. Dance. Repeat. students can still look up programs the original way (via the Program Directory), but students can also use the Program Finder. This tool allows them to filter all programs with the exact things they want.

Want a musical theatre program but don’t care where it is? BAM - all in one list!

Want to see how many training options are in the city you want to live in? BAM - all in one list!

Want to study locally but don’t care if it’s full-time or part-time? BAM - all in one list!

Once students have found a program they like, they can also save it to their personal list. This is great for college students to keep a list of all the programs they’re applying to. It’s also useful for artists who want to keep a handy list of their favourite coaches and workshops. Students can also easily share these program listings with a friend.
Patreon subscribers get added features in their My Programs profile. They can add notes to their programs, like application deadlines, audition requirements, etc. Subscribers can also add custom programs if they want to add another school to their list. This is useful if they’re applying for a program in another country or programs that, for whatever reason, don’t qualify for our database.
Schools can also subscribe to Patreon to upgrade their listing. This gives students much more information right where they’re finding/comparing schools, and the golden border will make your school pop! For other types of sponsorships and featured blog posts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
What else is there? Well, there’s this blog, for one. Hopefully, this will expand as we discover what the audience craves. We are always happy to accept user-submitted blog posts, provided they align with our values - this isn’t written by a singular voice by choice!
There is also merch…Because MERCH!!!!

What’s next? You tell us!

We would love for this site to grow as a resource for young artists and become a community hub for performers of all ages. Feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas or want to get involved. We have some ideas, but we would prefer to hear from you!
PS ’We’ is only a made-up word referring to Nadya and her mug of tea…
…there may have been a lot of caffeine in the creation of this site.

About the Author ~ Nadya Corscadden

Nadya is a Canadian musical theatre performer with small-town roots. Once she moved to a bigger city, she became increasingly aware of the unique limitations brought on by location in this huge country - if you don’t have a knowledgeable network, it’s almost impossible to find the right place to start!
Nadya hopes this site is just step 1 in helping create resources for emerging artists across our incredibly talented country.
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